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2022 & Beyond
A year-long competition and exhibition

what is NGG?

Habatat Detroit Fine Art is honored to continue the innovative Not Grandma’s Glass presentation into its second year. NGG2021 was featured in multiple publications and even featured on television last year as it celebrated the work of 12 incredible innovative and talented artists from around the world. Congratulations to each of the participates and you are invited to view their presentations on the NGG archive button above.

Four winners have been selected to participate once again in 2022. These winners are artists Morgan Peterson, Joseph Ivacic, John Moran, and Krista Israel.

In 2022 Habatat Detroit Fine Art, will once again promote a year-long glass competition featuring 12 artists who have pushed beyond the norm of the contemporary art world. All 12 have impressive talent and creative vision and are expected to be driving forces in the future. Each artist has chosen a single month of the year during 2022 to create an online presentation. Habatat has asked each of them to create on such a level that the body of work could be displayed at their dream museum. They will create and share their presentations that will offers unique experiences into that artists’ worlds. This will be done completely at the artist’s discretion and offer both a glimpse into each artist’s message and work for purchase as well.

This is where the fun really starts. Habatat plans to continue this exhibition in 2023 and to do that the NGG presentation will be a competition. Of the 12 artists in the competition only 4 will be selected to participate the following year.

With a title like this, Habatat plans to create an awareness in those who hear about it. This exhibition and competition drives focus to the work of these 12 important artists and, more importantly, visitors will expect to see work that grandma does not have her in glass collection. A bit of shock and awe that the contemporary glass art world needs. The art world is ever changing and Habatat is personally responsible to represent and promote artists who are pushing glass beyond traditional craft.

The story goes when I (Aaron Schey) started my career at Habatat Galleries the topic of a client’s collection would often arise. When family was brought up the collectors would mention that the artwork in their home was referred to by the next generation as “Oh that’s just grandma’s glass.” The historic collections that many of our collectors are not understood by the children of collectors. The article posted here even helps define how future art collectors will collect. The title of this exhibition plays on the phrase above. The artists participating in this innovative exhibition/competition create in such a new manner focused on the younger generation and what the next generation is likely to collect. These works are probably not in grandma’s art collection…yet. The work in this online adventure exhibition would be glass celebrated for all generations pushing far beyond the norm and all expectations. These artists are extremely innovative and I propose that they will all be important in the future of the glass medium.

Starting January of 2022, the first presentation will be hosted on and continue monthly through the year. Winners will be chosen in December of 2022 and receive the NGG Award to celebrate their victory before going back to the studio for their 2023 presentations.

Habatat would like to congratulate and welcome the artists invited for 2022. Each artist selected their own month and we are excited to announce the 2022 roster for the NGG exhibition and competition: Pearl Dick, Alex Krueger, Daniel Coyle, Jaime Guerrero, Morag Reekie, Cheryl Derricotte, Danny White, Zac Weinberg, Joseph Ivacic, Krista Israel, John Moran, and Morgan Peterson.

Near the first of every month in 2022 a link will be posted under the artist’s name below sharing their NGG presentation as well as to their artist talk.

Danny White X Ethan Windy - Long Story Short 2022 NGG
“My name is Danny White and I have been entertaining with art for as long as I can remember. In 2008 I received my BFA degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Painting and drawing had always been my primary focuses until 2007 when I first discovered glass. I was able to develop a relationship with the material by approaching it much as I would a painting. From then on I have focused my energy on creating work that bridges the gap between the different mediums using a cohesive aesthetic. I love traveling to new places and meeting new people. Through this, I create what I experience and enjoy telling the story.” – Danny White

“Thanks so much to Habatat Detroit Fine Art for including me in this esteemed group of glass artists! I am excited to share my new work diving into the history of glass factories in the US and child labor. It might Not be Grandma’s Glass, but if the glass collectors in my family were still here--my Great-Aunt Teenie and Great-Uncle Irving--they would love everything about this honor.”

Cheryl Derricotte is a visual artist. Her favorite mediums are glass and paper. Originally from Washington, DC, she lives and makes art in San Francisco, CA. Her art has been featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, The San Francisco Chronicle, MerciSF, and the San Francisco Business Times.

In 2021, she was awarded the commission to develop a monument to Harriet Tubman at the transit-oriented development Gateway at Millbrae Station; it will be the first sculptural tribute to the abolitionist in glass. This work is in production and slated for installation in September 2022. Earlier this year, Cheryl was named Inaugural BIPOC Artist-in-Residence at the Corning Museum of Glass: The Studio, where she will be in residency this winter.

Artwork is posted on Artsy here:

This upcoming weekend I invite you to join me once again via Habatat-Zoom as we visit an artist from the second generation as this month's #NGG presenter. The daughter of Dave and Pam Reekie, Morag Reekie creates work inspired by her family and playing with her children. Each work has a story as the artist's son, an important inspiration of her work, was diagnosed with special needs. She creates "cheeky" characters to draw you in with the hope that they brighten your day.

We are honored to include artist Jaime Guerrero in our Habatat Family as he is one of a short list of artists in the world who sculpts life-size humanoid sculptures with glass. Guerrero pushes his work with his scale and concept as well as emotional reach. His work inspires with intensity bringing attention to the Latin community in which he is a member.

Guerrero creates artwork to bring attention to many humanitarian plights in which attention is needed. His sculptures also inspire the next generation of Latin artists and encourages them to reach for the stars.

This is not your grandma’s glass…
But my grandma actually loves it! She saw this behemoth in person and told me so herself- In fact she likes most of what I make, but I get what the show title is insinuating; that this is not the glass you’d expect to see inside your grandmother’s house. No, this is the new stuff; extra contemporary, far from fine art, but very fine indeed.

Thank you for coming to see my showcase, these are pieces that I’ve worked hard on and that I am extremely proud of. You can read more about me here, and see more recent works on my Instagram @coylecondenser.
Thank you to Habatat Detroit Fine Art for including me in this years show.

Alex Krueger is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Chicago. As the son of a meat packer, Alex’s aesthetic and artistic ideology is a product of Chicago’s working-class mentality. His art is rooted in his inner world and the untethered emotions that come with the human experience. From a young age Alex Krueger was always fascinated by art in all its forms, especially fashion. Alex’s mother recognized his passion and fueled it by giving him art magazines and the Chicago Reader, an alternative arts newspaper, highlighting the local arts and music scenes. His first love was drawing but in 2007 he was introduced to the art of glass blowing.

That year he began a degree in 3D studio art at Bowling Green State University but decided to pursue a non-traditional path and learn through hands-on studio experience in Seattle. He returned to his hometown of Chicago in 2012 where he continued to hone his artistic practice. Through the exploration of his internal mythology and the union of two distinct mediums, Krueger has grown a unique voice in the contemporary art world. Alex has shown at galleries throughout the US and in 2018 he received the Bombay Artisan Award and had the opportunity to exhibit his work at Art Basel Miami. he held his most recent solo show entitled ‘Cadaver One’ under the artist moniker “CROP” earlier this year that was met with critical success. Alex currently resides in New York City and is developing a new body of work that examines the idea of fear, and how one can fear themselves more than anything else - to be released in 2022.

Pearl Dick is a glass artist and community builder based in Chicago, IL. She is the artistic director of Firebird Community Arts, and co-founder of Project FIRE, a program designed to promote healing through glassblowing for young people who have been injured by gun violence. Pearl has been working with glass for over 20 years and shows her work in galleries and museums around the country. She was honored to have recently been a visiting artist at the Museum of Glass hot shop in Tacoma, WA while her work was included in Transparency, a group show at the museum comprised of LGBTQIA+ glass artists. Along with creating artwork that speaks to human connection, Pearl is a dedicated teacher and activist advocating for greater access, diversity, and inclusion in the glass community.

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